What Is POAP?

 Short for “Proof of Attendance Protocol,” P.O.A.P. is the platform and infrastructure that enables the creation and storage of memories by POAP issuers and POAP collectors. This is a set of smart contracts which, for practical reasons, is currently governed by POAP inc. 
POAPs, the collectibles, are NFTs minted under the Proof of Attendance Protocol smart contract. Each POAP is a digital record held by collectors as digital proof that they attended, or participated in, a physical, virtual, or spiritual event; the POAP can double as a token qualifying its collector for potential future utility.
A POAP collection is one or more POAPs reserved with an email address or minted to an Ethereum address. Thus, a POAP collection is a digital representation of the bookmarks of your life that doesn’t rely on any typical Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like name, gender, nationality, passport number, etc. As such, this becomes the best way to track your attendance to unique and distinctive experiences without risk of leaking your personal data.

How Can I Use POAPs?

POAPs are a gift from issuers to collectors that acknowledge the non-material (and, yet, invaluable) contributions that members of a community contribute to the collective health of the social organism in the form of time, energy, attention, participation, goodwill, talent, and other forms of prosocial activity.

These collectibles can be issued for any activity that deserves an attestation: from attendance at a town hall or IRL event, to participation in governance (submitting or voting on proposals), to participating in working groups or ongoing projects. You can think of them as badges that carry reputational and social value that may come with corresponding privileges.

POAPs act as an attestation of some form of interaction between the issuer and the collectors and have many uses for growing and connecting with your community. These collectibles can be used to control access to content and communication channels, engage people in collaborative initiatives like painting parties in POAP.art, distribute awards through airdrops or raffle, and various other applications, all without collecting or storing any personal information.

What Is the Difference Between Reserving/Minting/Migrating/Transferring a POAP?


Reserving refers to the reservation of a POAP with an email address.


Minting refers to the actual generation and preservation of the POAP NFT on the blockchain (xDai or Mainnet). If a POAP is reserved (see above ↑) to your email address, your right will be reserved to mint it to an Ethereum address of your choosing at a later date.


Migrating refers to the process of moving one of your POAPs from xDai to the Ethereum Mainnet. This process will not transfer (see below ↓) a POAP to another address. It simply moves a POAP between networks within your existing wallet address.

In order to migrate a POAP, you will need to have the ability to sign an Ethereum Mainnet transaction with your wallet.


Transferring refers to the process of moving one of your POAPs on xDai or the Ethereum Mainnet to another wallet address.

In order to transfer a POAP, you will need to have the ability to sign an Ethereum Mainnet transaction with your wallet.

Do I Need a Crypto Wallet to Receive a POAP?

As a temporary placeholder for a crypto wallet, POAPs can be reserved with an email address. Please note that reserving a POAP with an email address does not mint the POAP to the blockchain; minting to the blockchain can only be done with an Ethereum wallet. You can link your wallet to your email address at any time in the future to mint your POAPs to the blockchain (and, subsequently, store them safely within your Ethereum wallet).

How Do I Mint a POAP From You?

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